May 30, 2011

Abbey Road on the River, Louisville, KY

Abbey Road on the River, Louisville, KY

Performed again at the Abbey Road on the River show in Louisville, Kentucky. I've played every year since 2002. It was a great event and it was nice to see so many familiar faces. Thanks for making it out again!

Sep 5, 2010

Abbey Road on the River, Washington D.C.


Had a blast performing 'An Evening with George' in Washington D.C. last night. Ran into so many friends, including the original drummer of the Beatles Pete Best, Joe Carducci from Gretsch Guitars and the great James Paul Lynch from 'Brit Beat'. Thank you all for coming out to support me!


Aug 30, 2010

The reviews are in...

Billings Gazette / May 24th, 2010

Nobody fainted at the show, but a couple thousand fans still oohed and awed Friday night when Rain came to town. The other rain, that is. Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles performed in a full house set-up at MetraPark's Rimrock Auto Arena. Surprisingly, there were almost as many teenagers there as senior citizens. And most of them seemed to know the lyrics as well as the foursome who perform as The Beatles.

They got it all just right, from Steve Landes as John Lennon and Paul McCartney's double Mac Ruffing playing bass left handed just like the real guy. Songs were unenhanced, note-for-note Beatlesque. And the fans couldn't have been giddier. From the opening number, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand'' to the encore finale featuring "Hey Jude'' and "Let it Be,'' Rain was authentic and entertaining. 
A highlight was Jimmy Pou performing as George Harrison on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps,'' rocking a cherry red guitar similar to George's "Les Paul special'' with a stellar guitar solo that had the whole place shouting for more.
Douglas Cox performed as Ringo, a grinning goofball just like the real deal. The harmonies between Ruffing and Landes were tight and Ruffing did a fairly good job at getting the working class British accent down as the front man in Rain, even though Ruffing is from Cleveland. Costumes were impressive, especially the psychedelic Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band days, the wigs the band wore looked very convincing in making them age as the Beatles in their later years. Footage alternating between Beatle moments filled with swooning fans were intermixed with footage of Vietnam, President Kennedy, war protests and Woodstock. It was a great way to recapture the era and remind us just how important The Beatles were and still are.